The International Urology Journal Club meets monthly.  This is the first international urology journal club on Twitter.  Each month a ‘hot off the press’ paper is selected for discussion and announced on twitter through the account @iurojc.  To allow for global participation, the chat is asynchronous over a 48 hour period of time – usually commencing on either the first Sunday or Monday of the month depending on your time zone.  Each month, we select the best tweet for which a generous prize is usually made possible by one of our supporters.

We welcome suggestions for papers for discussion.  Please send your suggestions by Direct Message on Twitter.  If we are not following you, please request and we will follow you back.  If you are having difficulty getting hold of the paper nominated for discussion, please contact us and we will do what we can to be of assistance.

Please note that the account is @iurojc because @urojc is already taken by another user.  The hashtag applied to all tweets to enable all to follow the discussion is #urojc.  You can follow us on @iurojc

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