Monthly Archives: October 2012

The International Urology Journal Club begins

It is evident that there are a large number of urologists who are actively engaging Twitter for urological discussion as well as issues to do with healthcare in general.

Recently, Canadian urologist Dr Michael Leveridge was live tweeting discussion during one of his local journal club meetings and the content of these tweets drew the attention of international urologists.  From ensuing tweets, the idea of an international urology journal club was born.

The Twitter account @iurojc has been established to administer this pilot project.  Tweets in relation to journal paper discussions should include the has tag #urojc   The reason that @iurojc has been named as such is because the username @urojc had already been taken.  The reason for #urojc and without the ‘i’ is because every character counts when trying to create a sub-140 character message on twitter.

Careful examination of the world clock times and the very fact that surgeons are frequently time poor and with irregular schedules, a live tweet discussion for an international audience was considered not to be practical at this point in time although it could be considered should there be key articles warranting immediate discussion or venting (eg PIVOT study). In effect, PIVOT was a good example where urological twittersphere lit up with discussion creating what was in effect a twitter journal club discussion – sadly, many users were only able to see a subset of the tweets being limited by who they were following. This is an example of where the hashtag #urojc will sort out visability.

Having decided upon this project being worth pursuing, it should commence sooner rather than later.  The outcome of ideas put on the backburner is that they may never get off the ground.

The initial format will be one paper each month for the next three months and to then evaluate. The paper will be announced in time for discussion to commence on the first Monday of each month.  Papers will initially be preferentially uro-oncology in nature and manuscripts in higher ranking journals that have been published on line ahead of print.  In other words, the articles up for discussion will represent cutting edge knowledge.  Obviously it is incumbent upon contributors to have read the article and everybody is encouraged to include the hashtag #urojc.   Where possible, the primary author of these publications will be invited to participate and if not on twitter, will be invited to join twitter or a guest account will be created from which they may participate.

Many thanks for your patience in advance whilst this project goes through birthing/growing pains.  Please feel free to provide feedback on how to make this work.