December #urojc Discussion

Dear all
The next paper for discussion for the Twitter International Urology Journal Club is the final report from the EORTC study on dose and duration of maintenance BCG treatment for NMIBC . It is hot off the press and published on line ahead of print. Be at the cutting edge of high level evidence outcomes for BCG treatment.
The first and corresponding author Dr Jorg Oddens will be making himself available during the paper discussion so it is a great opportunity to question or challenge the lead author.
European Urology have been kind enough to unlock the article for free download for a limited time using the link below.
This month’s prize for best tweet has been donated by Nature Reviews in Urology. This is now the second highest impact factor journal in Urology and not generally all that easy to access – they are offering a one year free on line access which is worth a good few hundred dollars.
Discussion starts on Monday 3 December at 0700 AEDT as an asynchronous discussion held over 48 hours. Not to be missed.
Last month’s club discussion had approximately 40 urologists participating (excluding observers) with about 240 tweets and from amplification over 50,000 impressions. Asst Professor Ben Davies from UPMC won the prize for best tweet. This #urojc will be bigger now that the word is getting out there.
Please join us!

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